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Mores 120 Busty Smoke (video) Busty redhead Julie Simone smokes two Mores 120s cigarettes while talking about Her smoking fetish. SMOKING FETI [...]
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1055 days ago : Photo: #nyc #art #galleryopenings #artists #misterkaves  http://t.co/UZmTX1XtLI 

1055 days ago : This cat video is way cuter @Jezebel ! Mittens vs The Helicopter  http://t.co/mffgBnTkfB 

1055 days ago : @sumale9992003 I have small house cats. They might make noise if they jump down from something but walking? No

1055 days ago : @aLadystoy it's already better. Animals are happier today, I feel the positive energy back in the air, life is good!

1055 days ago : RT @shaggyxangel: Photo: @juliesimone7 I can?t understand how anyone can hate cats: wanhunnerpercent: THIS CAT IS ASKING TO BE... http://t.?

1055 days ago : @shaggyxangel so cute!!

1055 days ago : @aLadystoy I tried to be diplomatic & reason w her but she wasn't willing to compromise & became aggressive so she had to go.

1055 days ago : @crudelis_amator Munich was intense! Thankfully there was a great fetish party one of the nights to release some stress.

1055 days ago : So yes today is a happy day! Starting my day w a lovely breakfast then a mani pedi for a session - going back to solid red per request!