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Sounding w Penis Pump T (video) Captyve wakes up in a strange room, naked, masked and in a straitjacket. A tall, cold Woman, Julie Simone, subjects [...]
Paddling Punishment POV (video) You've embarrassed Mistress Julie Simone with your lax behaviour in front of Her friend Maya Sinstress ! As a punis [...]
Plugged Diapered Mean M (video) Julie Simone is tired of baby Tai keeping Her up at night so She tries some unconventional ways of helping her to r [...]
Hogtied by a Cougar (video) You met Julie Simone at a bar. She was much older than the college girls there. She was much more experienced sexu [...]
Nikki Shiny Pantyhose (video) Curvy model Nikki Sebastian struggles to put on a pair of tight and thick shiny pantyhose. She turns around to make [...]
Punished by Julie Pt 3 (video) In Part 3, now that Julie is done w the slave's urethra She uses surgical staples to seal that hole shut. Then She [...]
Felix fails to Amuse Pt (video) In Part 2 Mistress Julie Simone punishes Felix for being unprepared for T/their playtime with 30 lashes with the ca [...]
Punished by Julie Sc 2 (video) In Part 2 Mistress Julie Simone turns Her attention to the slave's cock and balls. His ass is plugged, Julie inser [...]
Smoking Blue Latex (video) Busty brunette Julie Simone smokes 2 Viginia Slims 120s cigarettes while wearing a blue latex dress. SMOKING F [...]
Punished by Julie Sc 1 (video) Mistress Julie Simone's slave arrived late to T/their previous shoot and needs to be punished. Since he's a masoch [...]
Dangling Stockinged Fee (video) Curvy redhead Julie Simone teases you by dangling Her leather high heels. She knows you want to see Her feet so She [...]
Zentai Hogtie Bound Org (video) Julie Simone ties up a slave who wears a zentai suit. She ties a chest harness, then each arm individually. The s [...]

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